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Keith Global is an independent service platform with a distinctive brand but simultaneously partners with organizations and individuals who share values or goals

JOY International (Beijing)

Keith Global has a working relationship with JOY International of Beijing. Mr. Keith, Executive Principal, regularly trains teachers, provides parent seminars and personally works with students preparing to study in the USA. JOY and Keith Global work together to provide Education, Trips, Camps, Preparation for Foreign Study, Placement Services and Care Programs.

Huahui Education, Great Heights Academy (Xiamen)

Keith Global has a working relationship with Huahui Education in Xiamen.  Mr. Keith, Administrative Principal, regularly trains teachers, offers parent seminars, teaches middle and high school classes and works personally with students heading for foreign study.  Huahui and Keith Global work together to provide Education, Trips, Camps, Preparation for foreign study, Placement services and Care program.

Global School Consulting Group (GSCG)

Mr. Keith is a Co-Founder and Senior Consultant for GSCG which provides comprehensive school support for private schools in Central, South and North America and recently Asia.  Mr. Keith’s focus is on Educational Marketing, Teacher Recruitment, Student Culture, Strategic Enrollment Management, Fiscal Stewardship, Alternative Income Streams and International Programs. 

The Clapham Circle (USA)

Mr. Keith serves as President of the Global Division of the Clapham Group based in Indianapolis, Indiana and periodically works on joint entrepreneurial projects with other leadership specialists from the USA.

American English Institute (AEI) (USA)

Keith Global has a representation relationship with First Presbyterian Day School in Macon, Georgia, USA which sponsors AEI.   AEI is designed specifically for Chinese students who need extensive English preparation before studying in the USA.  Students come for a semester or year and once they meet the language requirement, they can move into a variety of Placement Schools.

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