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List of Seminars 



  1. Ensuring our Child's Success: Basic or Advanced Education & Parenting makes the difference!

  2. Summer English Camps: Introduction to SE#1:  China & USA camps

  3. Study in America: Introduction to USAnet#1:  placement service into USA schools

  4. Readiness Reports: Assessing readiness for study in America

  5. Preparing for Harvard & Stanford: Giving our children the best chance for an Elite USA University

  6. Kindergarten Moms: What to, and not to, worry about with children under 5

  7. Selecting a Major and Career: Guiding our children towards successful and fulfilling careers

  8. Reaching Top Level English: School English Class + Weekend English +  ? = Top Level English

  9. Study Abroad Preparation: Top 10 Ways to prepare for successful study abroad

  10. GO MOVE Curriculum: Most effective method of learning a language in the world!


  11. Successful Parenting: Simple Principles that Successful Parents follow

  12. Parenting 2.0: What to do if my child isn't …………… (being successful)

  13. The Role of the Father: One of the secret ingredients to successful children

  14. The Role of Play: Why play with our children and when to stop

  15. The Discovery Birthday: The critical importance of the "3rd" Birthday at any age

  16. Parenting from a Distance: Do's and Don'ts of parenting a child when studying abroad

  17. Parenting Alone: Adaptive Principles to use when parenting alone

  18. The Language of Teenagers: Effective communication between parents and teenagers

  19. Reaching the Stray: Parenting the "lost child"

  20. Teaching our Children Life Skills: What our children need that schools don't teach


  21. Cultural Differences: Differences between Chinese and USA cultures

  22. Education in America: Unique characteristics of American Education

  23. East and West Education: Finding the best from two systems

  24. Successful Teacher Characteristics: Every teacher can be better if they practice 1, 2, 3

  25. The Path to Success: Every student can learn the identifiable steps to success

  26. Lessons from a pool in Wenzhou: Opportunities for Chinese students to study in the USA

  27. What good education looks like?: Characteristics present in good schools

  28. Characteristics of a Successful Adult: Developing these in our children

  29. Money Management: Teaching children simple but comprehensive 4 G's of money

  30. Motivation and Inspiration: Growing the synergistic ingredients to success



            With his 35+ years of educational leadership in one of the oldest private schools in the United States, his work with 1,000+ of Chinese students and parents, both in China and the USA, over the past 10 years,

his relationships with schools and community groups within 40 different Chinese cities and 10 countries,

Mr. Keith has the insight of culture, education, parenting, and students to share that few other leaders have.

                 Contact for more information:  WeChat: JonKeith_USA, Email:

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