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Publications / Written Materials / Seminar Topics

Seminar Materials
External Publications
Parent / Student Articles
Institutional Philosophies
Research / Program Initiatives
Annual School Materials
Employee Materials

Parent / Student Articles


  1. Dr. WAlly:Quarterly advice columns in School Newsletter

  2. Principal’s Perspective:  Periodic articles in Parent Newsletter & Alumni Magazine

  3. Life is not a Classroom

  4. WCHS:  One of the original Charter Schools

  5. Parenting Tips:  How are we doing?

  6. The Three Most Important Days in the Lives of our Children

  7. The Paths, Potholes and Patches to Good Health



Institutional Philosophies


  1. Wheaton Academy Mission Statement (contributing editor)

  2. Mission Statement Key Result Areas

  3. Educational Philosophy for the 21st Century

  4. Wheaton Academy Guiding Principles

  5. The Living Curriculum Teacher

  6. What Makes a Successful Living Curriculum Educator?

  7. Guidelines for Healthy Living:Standards of Conduct (Student Handbook)

  8. The AND Institution

  9. The Academy Culture

  10. Discipline Philosophy

  11. Athletic Philosophy

  12. Institutional Communication:Corporate Identity

  13. Institutional Strategic Plan

  14. The Vision for WCHS (WA):1993-2003

  15. Wheaton Academy:A Vision Update



Research / Program Initiatives


  1. The Ultimate School Size

  2. Faculty Selection, Care and Support (new compensation system)

  3. Why Football?

  4. Pre-High School Partnership

  5. Wheaton Academy Teacher Application

  6. Partnership Students:Homeschoolers at Wheaton Academy

  7. Introduction to Law, Course Curriculum

  8. Just Tell Me What I Need To Know:The Cliff Notes of Life Skills, Course Curriculum

  9. Introduction to Business, Course Curriculum



Annual School Materials


  1. Winterim Curriculum Guide

  2. Wheaton Academy Curriculum Guide (editor)

  3. Wheaton Academy Student Handbook (editor)

  4. Employee Evaluations (30-60 per year for 25 years)

  5. Financial Aid / Scholarship Brochure



Employee Materials 


  1. IPOD Implications for Wheaton Academy

  2. A Comprehensive Worldview

  3. Student Surveys

  4. Wheaton Academy:A Look Back – 1853 to 2003, A Look Ahead – 2003-2053

  5. What should we understand about Obedience?

  6. Means to Model (sharing externally with other schools)

  7. How Does Wheaton Academy Select Textbooks?

  8. Wheaton Academy’s Annual Themes (faculty and staff professional growth and focus)



Seminar Materials


  1. Becoming a Feedback Institution:Using a Variety of Surveys

  2. School Culture that Nurtures Both Individual and Institutional Improvement

  3. Effective Interview Questions:20 Questions That Get to the Core

  4. Practical Concepts for Parents as They Discipline Their Children

  5. Pruning Principles from Proverbs

  6. When Do I Make Exceptions?

  7. Expectations for School Leaders

  8. Adding an Educational Distinction (Interim) to our School

  9. Marriage and the Home

  10. Saying “No” is a Key Component of Effective Administrative Leadership



External Publications


  1. Schools as Communities (chapter): Purpose Design Publications, 2007.

  2. Classroom Management vs. Classroom Leadership, School Education Magazine 2003

  3. The Importance of Outcomes in the School, ACSI, 2005

  4. Is Technology the Most Recent Hula Hoop?IL ASCD Magazine, 1995.

Here is the list of all Publications and Written Materials in a Word document

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