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Preparation to Study in USA


Many international students opt to use SE#1 USA camp (see above) each summer as their transitional preparation for study in USA middle and high schools.

USA Prep at Great Heights Academy (Xiamen):

Keith Global currently partners with Huahui Education in Xiamen, China to offer USA Prep, a semester or year-long preparation for USA study, for students grades 6-10. Students in Xiamen come for a day program while others from around China board in the dormitory facilities. The curriculum includes a full load of academic subjects during the preparatory year. Students study for half days individually working through a prescribed curriculum. The other half day includes a specialized English / Communication class and a Humanities class designed to prepare students for USA study. American-like after school activities are provided. The key to USA Prep is the sizable percentage of native English / USA speakers which accelerates English comprehension like no other method. Mr. Keith works closely with the students in USA Prep and regularly provides parenting seminars to parents.

Joy Life (Beijing):

Keith Global works closely with JOY International Education in Beijing which provides a preparation program called JOY LIFE. JOY

LIFE prepares students to be ready for American High School classrooms and American life. Students are taught in English by a quality team of native English teachers from around the globe. Students are taught ESL English, English literature, History, American culture and high school skills. JOY is unique from other schools because of its focus not only on academics, but on long-term skills needed to meet challenges in their life. JOY trains students in both phonics and reading in English, cultural awareness and critical thinking skills. JOY has a vast library from America because it believes students must grow in their ability and passion to read so that

learning is not seen as a chore but a privilege and opportunity. Through its unique assessment process, customized curriculum and dedicated teachers, JOY prepares its students well for American schools and success into the future. Students come for after school or weekend tutoring and specialized preparation classes.

American English Institute (AEI):

AEI is a unique year or half year English language program based in the USA, designed specifically for Chinese students ages 14-16 who may need more preparation before their American high school experience. AEI is an extension of First Presbyterian Day School in Macon, Georgia. The distinctive of AEI is that it provides all the cultural and environmental advantages of living in the school and living within an outstanding private American high school community. Half of each day focuses on ESL reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will also be taught bridging methods for science class and U.S. history. For the other half day, students choose electives like band, choral music, theater, physical education and art. When AEI students finish their year and successfully complete all expectations and language levels, they will receive a valuable endorsement for acceptance in the Keith Global network of schools (USAnet#1). AEI participants will also be given first consideration for high school enrollment at First Presbyterian Day School.

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