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Education Resources

Mr. Keith is a regular speaker and has shared in ten countries and forty different Chinese cities in the past ten years. His audiences include students, teachers and principals within schools as well as business leaders and parent groups within the community. Typical topics include Education, Study Abroad, Life Skills, Principles of Success, Employee Training, Strategic Planning, and Parenting. Parenting topics include: Basic or Advanced Education & Parenting, Preparing for Harvard, Family Management, Parenting 2.0, The Role of the Father, The Discovery Birthday and Developing the 5 C’s.


Mr. Keith is also a frequent writer, having created philosophic and policy pieces such as: An Educational Philosophy for 21st Century, The Living Curriculum Teacher, The AND Institution, The Mature Culture, Pruning Principles from Proverbs, The Ultimate School Size, Law and Business Education Curriculum, Guidelines for Living, curriculum guides, student handbooks and parent newsletters. Many have been replicated broadly through the private school movement

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