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​​GO MOVE Curriculum

GO MOVE summer camp curriculum is the result of nearly a decade of first-hand research observing 1,000s of Chinese students attempting to become proficient in English. Results show that after a basic foundation is laid, students learn best when their language practice is relevant, stimulating and interactive. Without these components, learning is simply not very effective!


Notice how the GO MOVE Curriculum is completely different from the traditional language classroom:

GO MOVE incorporates six important steps each day

• Goals: Every morning we explain specific practice goals for the day.

• Opportunities: We review what unique opportunities the day presents.

• Motivation: Our inspirational leaders build motivation each morning.

• Optimism: We model optimism and strengthen confidence through encouragement.

• Visit: Get up and go visit exciting experiences while stretching our English.

• Evaluate: Each day ends with an evaluation of what we accomplished.

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