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Jon Keith

Founder & President

Mr. Keith served at one of the oldest (165+ years) and most respected Private High Schools in America, Wheaton Academy (West Chicago, IL), for over 35 years. Now as Keith Global Founder and President, he is based in Xi'an, China and spends 75% of his time in China with the other 25% in USA networking and visiting placed students and alumni. Mr. Keith holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Houghton College, New York, an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University, Illinois and C.A.S. in Educational Leadership, National Louis University, Illinois.

Mr. Keith and his wife are products of an international boarding school where they first experienced the benefits of cross cultural education. In fact, Mr. Keith’s father spent nearly 40 years leading an international boarding school in New York, USA. The Keith’s have three adult children with the oldest currently living and teaching in China. Mr. and Mrs. Keith have served as host parents to numerous international students. The Keith’s remain active in the lives of international students and their families throughout the world. Over the past decade, Mr. Keith has also become one of the most recognizable and influential leaders in the USA / Asian educational world.

Current Leadership Roles:

Founder / President Keith Global, LLC, China / USA
Executive Principal (PT) JOY International, China
Administrative Principal (PT) Huahui International, China
Co-Founder / Executive Consultant (PT) Global Schools Consulting Group, USA
President: International Division (PT) Clapham Group, USA

Director: American English Institute (PT) First Presbyterian Day, USA

Past Program and Experiences:

Mr. Keith is one of the leading entrepreneurial educators within the USA private school world. He has created and led numerous influential international programs and continues to do so. He has also had a wide variety of unique opportunities that have allowed him to become very familiar with China, Chinese culture and particularly Chinese students and parents.

Wheaton Academy’s Home Stay International Student Program
o Served over 300 students

Wheaton Academy’s Home Stay Symposium
o Provided networking for over 1,000 attendees

WAnet (an association of private high schools that host international students)
o Placed approximately 300 students within nearly 50-member schools

SEI (Summer English Institute)
o Impacted 1,000 international students

500+ presentations
o To parents, students, teachers, principals, schools, education departments, community organizations businesses throughout China

1,000+ interviews
o Chinese students ages 8-18

Interacted daily with international teenagers
o 50+ annually for ten years within an American high school


25+ University and Vacation trips
o Led with groups of students from multiple schools


40+ Chinese cites
o Visited and build relationships with parents and networking contacts


Hosted with family
o International students from multiple countries in his home for a year or more


1,000+ delicious Chinese meals
o Enjoyed with friends and families all over China!

Professional Biography

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